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Some of the people making the biggest impact in our world are those making outsized contributions in their own communities. Our own neighbors are shining a light of positivity, connection and change to build a more just and engaged society.


INVOLVD tells their stories.


Episode 2

Witt Siasoco is a community-based artist, activist and educator. His involvement in art and skateboarding has allowed him a unique chance to merge the two and become a key member of the team at City of Skate. Hear how art, skateboarding, and his community involvement are changing the Minneapolis skate scene.

Music Inspired From Ep.2

Episode 1

Chris Axelson is an art director, veteran of the Air National Guard, bike enthusiast and father. His life experiences led him to a unique lens during his involvement in the Minneapolis protests following the murder of George Floyd in May of 2020. Shortly after his participation in the protests, Axelson returned home and designed a take on the 1778 Gadsden Flag which went viral and included the words “Don’t Kneel On Me”.

Music Inspired From Ep.1

Xee Reiter

Episode 3

Xee Reiter is a visual artist specializing in watercolor and pen and ink illustration. As a first-generation Hmong American, cultural influences are found throughout her works. Finding her voice and her place in the world through artistic expression has led her to creating mural art, book illustrations, and TV graphics. Hear how her art, culture, and identity have become one. Coming soon to INVOLVD.